Allows for-profit medical collectives and licensees;

Allows delivery-only retail;

Allows state cannabis trademarks;

Prohibits advertising on highways

AB 64


Status: Read for First Time 01/04/17

Aims to prohibit marketing of cannabis to children

AB 76


Status:  From Printer 01/05/17

AB 171

Requires reporting agencies on conditional licenses

Status:  From Printer 01/18/17

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AB 175

Requires approval of packaging/labeling of edibles

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Status:  From printer 01/18/17

Prohibits distributors from refusing employment because an applicant is not a union member

AB 238


Status:  From Printer 01/30/17

Prohibits edibles that appeal to children or are easily confused with candy.

AB 350


Status: From Printer 02/09/17

Requires BMCR to create and publish a consumer guide to marijuana regulation and safety. 

AB 389


Status:  From Printer 02/10/17

Intent of legislature to enact legislation relating to CBD-enriched cannabis

AB 416


Status:  From Printer 02/10/17

Requires all cannabis  advertising to include license number of licensee

AB 420


Status:  From Printer 02/10/17

AB 729

Requires measures to prevent minor access to cannabis; requires security steps for licensees; allows inspections to investigate minor access and tax evasion.


Status: From Printer 02/16/17

Placeholder legislation ("It is the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation relating to marijuana.")

AB 948


Status:  From Printer 02/17/17

Sets out procedure for recreational license suspension and revocation; requires recreational distributors to collect and prepay sales and excise taxes; extends tax-free medical sales to state medical card holders; mandates technology to verify state medical cards presented to retailers;  establishes Cannabis Criminal Enforcement Team to address tax evasion.  

AB 963

Status: From Printer 02/17/17


AB 1096

Regulation of cannabis grown on, and transported out of tribal lands.  No substantive text.


Status: From Printer 02/19/17

Prohibits former employees of state or local regulator from being employed by licensee for one year after employment, and vice-versa. 

AB 1527


Status:  From Printer 02/19/17

Prohibits state or local agencies from cooperating with federal law enforcement without court order.

AB 1578


Status:  From Printer 02/19/17

Establishes quality standards for edibles.

AB 1606


Status:  From Printer 02/19/17

Transfers the regulation of testing laboratories from the Department of Public Health to BMCR.

AB 1627


Status: From Printer 02/19/17


SB 65

Prohibits driving, boating, or flying while smoking or ingesting cannabis

Status:  Referred to Committee 01/12/17

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SB 148

Permits cash collection by state or counties of charges payable by cannabis businesses

Status:  Referred to Committee 01/26/17

SB 175

Requires development of certified organic designation by 2020;

Prohibits misleading marketing and labeling of county-of-origin;

Initiates appellation standards

Status:  Referred to Committee 02/02/17

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SB 311

Allows supplemental on-premises testing by licensees on cannabis obtained from another licensee.  


Status:  Referred to Committee 02/21/17


SB 663

Prohibits packaging that is attractive to children.


Status:  From Printer 02/21/17