California Midterm Election RESULTS

This was a big week for weed. Californians had the deadline for public comments on the proposed final regulations from the 3 governing bodies on Monday and yesterday was the midterm elections where 4 states had cannabis on their ballots. (CONGRATS to Michigan and welcome to the rec world and also to Utah and Missouri who successfully voted for medicinal sales state-wide).

A little closer to home, we saw close to 90 different local measures related to cannabis on the ballots yesterday. California has been recreational for 2 years now but the state let municipalities make their own decisions and create framework that worked for their area regarding cannabis. Some cities and counties were ready to go: we’re looking at you Bay Area and Palm Springs; but others wanted to see how the legal world was going to pan out before making any quick moves. Many of those cities had measures that implemented taxation of either already-existing marijuana businesses or those to come and some had initiatives to finally introduce commercial cannabis activity.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the local measures for your review, this will be updated as the current information is based on unofficial results and some counties are still reporting. But take a look and see what your city or county decided on yesterday. How did you vote on cannabis measures? What do you hope to see from your municipality moving into 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

2018-11-06 Local Ballot Measure Results copy.png
2018-11-6 Results pg2.png
2018-11-06 Results pg3.png