Nevada County Voters Convince County Commissioners to Regulate Rather than Prohibit

In a recent post, we noted that California voters could work to push their city and county officials with ballot measures requiring licensing of cannabis dispensaries, cultivation, manufacturing, and more.  The recent experience in Nevada County, home to Grass Valley and Truckee,  bears that out.

The Nevada County Board of Supervisors had banned outdoor cultivation and limited indoor grows.  They also pushed Measure W on the local ballot, which -- if it passed -- would have codified that ban, and prevented future Supervisor votes to lift it. 

Nevada County voters rejected Measure W resoundingly, with more than 57% against it.  The proponents of Measure W, to the credit, and have said that they will lift the Supervisor-enacted ban and start work on regulations.  It won't hurt that ]a new supervisor, Heidi Hall, was an opponent of Measure W.  

Nevada County has its unique qualities.  But this story is a good example of how the local ballot box can be an important tool for voters to make their local representatives hear their voices and help bring the cannabis industry into the light.