The Proposed "Cottage" Cultivation License Under MMRSA

Assemblyman Jim Wood is advancing a bill, AB2516, that would create a new license "speciality cottage" cultivation license type under MMRSA. The license would allow for up to 2,500 square feet of canopy size (up to 25 plants) outoodrs, or or 500 square feet of canopy indoors.

Assemblyman Wood has said one objective of this bill is to allow small growers to vertically integrate and sell direct from the farm. That would require a separate license for retail sale -- which is available to growers -- as well as the involvement of a separate distributor.

By contrast, AUMA offers a separate "microbusiness" license. A "microbusiness" licensed under AUMA could cultivate in up 10,000 feet of canopy, and, with the same license, could also manufacture, distribute, and sell at retail. This is the vision of a "farm to consumer" business that Assemblyman Wood hopes to facilitate.