Report from November 1 Oakland City Council Meeting

The Oakland City Council was scheduled to discuss tonight (11/1) modifications to its cannabis license program, including the controversial equity program.

Council Member Brooks -- who was been the leading advocate for the equity licensing program -- moved to continue discussion of the issue until the November 14  Council meeting.  She also asked for the Department of Race and Equity to conduct an equity analysis of all the proposals that have been submitted.  CaliforniaLegalized summarized (and provided copies of) the various proposals submitted to date here. Council Members Kaplan and Campbell Washington also commented that they had additional suggestions on cannabis licensing for consideration, and wished input from the City Administrator's office and the City Attorney.

It is worth noting that, so far, none of the proposals that have been submitted have included a complete draft ordinance.  Instead, they largely reflect broad outlines.  Most likely, City staff and possibly some Council members and industry groups will prepare draft ordinances for consideration in advance of the November 14 meeting, which will provide additional clarity.  It is also possible that the City Attorney may provide advice to the Council and that other City offices will provide written analysis of the proposals, which may help move the discussion forward.

Update:  Oakland's final licensing program was adopted on March 28, 2017, and we've got the details.